Are You CRAZY Enough To Try And Change The World,
or At Least See The Humor AND
The Absurdity of It All…I Know I Am.

“It’s Like Oprah And Letterman Had A Kid.”

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Living In A Human Suit ™

Is A Bold, “Spiritually Incorrect,” Irreverent, Inspirational, Fun, Edgy, Enlightening, AND Outrageous Look at What It REALLY Means to Be Human.

It’s Created by Scott Brandon Hoffman AKA The Entertainer…(Umm, That Would Be Me.)

It’s Where We “Get Real,” Take On Life’s Big Questions, Hot AND Controversial Topics, And Everyday “Stuff,” As Well As The Ongoing Quest For Deeper Meaning, Purpose, Wisdom, Self Expression, Authenticity, Happiness, and Success…and we do it with “Attitude”AND in a Fresh, New Way…

And at the same time, a BIG part of OUR CRAZY MISSION is to totally “De-Lamify” and make Personal and Spiritual Growth, Creativity, Self Expression, Our Work, AND (dare I say it), Our Life, (there I said it), Cool, Hip, AND Freakin’ Fun.

Ooh, he said the “F” word. What is he nuts? In a word, yup.


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